Your Modern Chamber of Commerce

UOVCC Media Kit

As promised in the 2022 Annual General Meeting, your Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce has been enjoying an exciting year of renewal and development as it works to earn its place as an essential business partner for its members.

Membership Packages

Billing options include monthly or quarterly charges for annual memberships.  Contact us for arrangements.

PatronA retired professional or previous business owner from the Upper Ottawa Valley who chooses to remain involved with the chamber but would not benefit from many of the business supports provided by the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce can instead purchase this patron membership to remain a voting member of the chamber and engage in our events and activities.
IgnitorThis membership package is ideal for a solopreneur, home-based small business with no employees seeking learning and development opportunities, embarking on its growth plan, and seeking to connect with the local business community.
ActivatorSmall businesses with ‘brick and mortar’ office or storefront and fewer than 25 employees, or charities, associations and not-for-profits that support clientele in the local community will benefit from this membership package designed to help develop and establish a recognizable local brand.
CollaboratorThe Collaborator is a mid-sized business with a brand, reach and network in the local community and positioning itself as a community presence or leader within its sphere of influence.
InfluencerThe Influencer is a small municipality, a regional or national not-for-profit or association, or a regional leader in its business sector with brand recognition and reach beyond the local community.  This membership package provides growth opportunities particularly as a visible presence in the local business community and in government relations that impact the region’s economy.
VisionaryThe Visionary is a large municipality, institution, or enterprise that is an influential leader in the region or business sector and seen as a mentor and respected presence in the economic ecosystem and the business community.
AssociateAn additional branch or location for a current member business in good standing, this associate branch or location would have its own vote and representation as a full member.  Please note that separate businesses under the same ownership but with distinct brands and operations would not qualify for an associate membership but would rather purchase their own full membership with the chamber.
Voting Member of the Chamber of Commerce*******
Business Directory Listing*******
Access to Education and Development Resources*******
Preferred Rate for Event Admission*******
Affinity and Discount Programs*******
Membership with Ontario Chamber of Commerce*******
Membership with Canadian Chamber of Commerce*******
E-newsletter Sponsor (one week advertisement)$$****
Webinar / Lunch n Learn Promoter$$****
Chamber on Tap Promoter$$$$***
Member-to-Member Marketing and Discount Opportunity***
Member Spotlight (e-newsletter, website, social media)***
Multiple Directory Business Categories$$**
Enhanced Business Directory Listing$$**
Representation on Business Insights Panel**
Representation on Policy and Advocacy Council**
Representation on Chamber Board Nominating Committee*
Business Economic and Social Impact Profile*
Visionary Partner Logo on Chamber Marketing Materials*
UOVCC Membership$50$110$110$160$250$350$750
OCC Membership$10$10$10$10$10$10$10
CCC Membership$10$10$10$10$10$10$10
HST %13$9.10$16.90$16.90$23.40$35.10$48.10$100.10
$$:  Optional for $50