Opportunities to Grow

We provide relevant and quality professional development opportunities.

We ensure our members have access to quality virtual and in-person skill development opportunities. We work with partner organizations who can deliver relevant, engaging and timely workshops and seminars to support our members’ professional development and skills potential.

Business-to-Business Support Services

Our network of professional service member businesses is here to support.

Our professional support services are just a call or click away. Our member portal provides you and your business with quality resources and relevant business advice. From a local to a global perspective, our member network fosters your business wealth.

Networking Opportunities

Opportunities to refer and use other member business services.

The opportunity to engage with professionals and support one another is vital for our personal and professional growth. Meeting and connecting with industry peers and leveraging those opportunities for business growth is a key membership benefit. Sometimes, it is about who you know!

Affinity & Discount Programs

Membership truly does have benefits!

Exclusive to members, a selection of benefits and discounts is available from corporate and local partners. Comprehensive Affinity programs include things like lower rates on business expenses; insurance, banking, shipping, delivery and payment processing needs. Member discounts offer an incentive to leverage and support other member businesses.

Community Wealth

Active benefit of collective contribution for community growth.

Grow your community. Involvement and networking will provide hands-on experience that will help foster the future of business and positively impact your fellow members and by extension shape your community. Be the change and the catalyst that achieves diverse and dynamic enterprise and community.


Foster your leadership skills in a supportive environment.

The chamber is constantly looking for members to step forward and take on the responsibility of leadership while enjoying the reward of seeing a project, committee, business industry or a community grow. Join us in this exciting opportunity!