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Founded in 2022, Startup Ottawa Valley is a community within  Startup Canada.  Startup Ottawa Valley is a passionate advocate and voice for the entrepreneurial movement in the Ottawa Valley.  We exist to inspire and welcome people into our community by facilitating the meeting and inclusion of diverse people, ideas, and skills at the entrepreneurial level.

By partnering with the best resources in and out of the Ottawa Valley we foster startups, connect founders, and support the local ecosystem with various resources and events that help to advance our member rural businesses to succeed in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace.
Startup Ottawa Valley is powered by the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce.
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Business Owner’s Toolbox (BOT)

The Business Owner’s Toolbox (BOT) is a central hub that provides a comprehensive package of foundational knowledge, access points, and resources required to start and scale a business in Canada.  The program has nine (9) learning modules that you take in your own time to help you create a well thought out business plan.

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Startup Women

Women-identified entrepreneurs can use Startup Women to help support their growth, attain future goals, and looks to break down the unique barriers that women are faced with when building a business.  Startup Women offers general resources as well as a 1:1 component that allows for advocacy and mentorship.  They also run a StartUp Women podcast with timely and relevant topics you can enjoy at your leisure.  Listen to the Startup Women Podcast 

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Startup Global

Throughout the year, beginning in April, Startup Canada Global hosts several live webinars, a pitch competition, and exclusive in-kind help to support your business journey to exporting.  Make sure to stay tuned often to take advantage of advocacy and engagement opportunities.

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Startup Gov

Starting in February 2022, Startup Canada will host bi-monthly invitation-only roundtable discussions featuring government representatives, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders. These sessions will provide a vehicle for Parliamentarians to hear directly from entrepreneurs so stronger partnerships can be forged at the grassroots level.

Audience: Government officials, entrepreneurs from Startup Canada Communities and network and key stakeholders from both the private and public sector.