UOVCC Auditor RFP 11-16=22


The Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce (Contractor) invites proposals for the 2022 annual financial audit of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce financial records for approval by the Board of Directors and ultimately the members of the corporation at the Annual General Meeting.  The Chamber requires an audit conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles to include a Statement of Financial Position and Notes to the Financial Statement.

Proposals should be submitted to Kelly Hollihan, executive director by email at: manager@uovchamber.com and inquiries can be directed to the office at 613-732-1492.

We request that bids be received by Friday, December 9th, 2022.

Proposals will include these details:

  1. How the firm will conduct the audit.
  2. Qualifications of the firm, management, and staff, including experience in auditing like entities, such as a Chambers of Commerce.
  3. Policies on notification of changes in key personnel
  4. Whether the firm maintains an active license in the province of Ontario

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  1. The firm’s understanding of the audit requirements.
  2. Soundness of technical approach to the audit, including specific deadlines.
  3. Qualifications of the firm and audit team.
  4. The information provided by respondents in response to the RFP, including cost and independence.
  5. Preference will be given to member businesses of the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce

Once a firm is chosen, a written engagement letter will specify:

  1. Audit scope, objectives, and purposes.
  2. Deadlines for the work to be performed
  3. Report format, including providing a digital version of the final audit.
  4. Type and timing of support to be provided to the firm by the contractor.
  5. Professional auditing standards to be followed in performing the audit
  6. Independence of the firm to the contractor.
  7. Terms of making changes to the scope of the agreement.
  8. Firm’s ownership of the work papers, retention period, and requirement for availability to government agencies upon request