If there is anything we have learned in our years in business, it is that the answers to the challenges we all face in trying to succeed in today’s markets and economy are found in PARTNERSHIP.  The Upper Ottawa Valley is an ecosystem.  For our operations to succeed, we need to attract and retain talent.  People.  Well, those people need a thriving community to support their interests and needs.  They need restaurants, grocers, shops, car dealerships, schools, sporting associations, arts, entertainment, recreation, transportation, affordable housing, healthy and safe neighbourhoods.  Our businesses need supplies, products, services that they can purchase locally whether it’s furniture, signage, office supply, lawn care, snow removal.  Now this might all happen naturally through the supply and demand marketplace, or it can be purposeful through planning, coordination, collaboration.  With public sector, private sector and not-for-profit coming to the same table to bring forward ideas, initiatives and opportunities.  That’s what this council can help to achieve.  A round table and network with economic development and business leaders.  We are right now recruiting foundational partners for this council and our inaugural meeting will be at our Annual General Meeting and Conference February 22nd, 2024.

The Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce looks to deliver outstanding services for its member businesses with a small crew of personnel and a wider team of volunteers from our Board of Directors and extended membership family.  It is through these volunteers that we can form better connections and continue to deliver on our promise to be the voice of the business community.

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The Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce is a membership-driven association that provides programs and services for the growth and prosperity of our business community through your annual dues, investments, and generous contributions.